Monday, December 20, 2010

OMG! Where did you come from?

So I met you and the first impression was rather appealing. I gathered up the strength to go through with the action of getting to know you better, and it was worthwhile, but you didn' t last. Replaced with Prince Charming his true to life words and piercing bluntness caught my heart immediately. Trying to play it off asthough I'm not a moth to a flame. You know me! You want to get to know me! We have history. We begin sharing quality time and meeting eachothers families again. I enjoy the time we share and the foundation of communication we are building, but you scare me. Could this be love? Is this how it feels? You open the door for me, It's not about sex with you, you act like you love me and have loved me since the day I left.
OMG! Where did you come from?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Done Is DONE, Start New.

Yeah like everyone else I have been through things felt hurt, recovered, and moved on. But now is the time to except responsibility for my actions and take care of my responsibilities. In this new chapter of my life I have done just that and I'm proud of myself, know myself, And I'm seeking self improvement. The past posts were a representation of what I use to be, situations I was dealing with, Or emotions from being in an ill mannered environment. However now this is who I am! I am a woman with a beautiful son that I am raising alone with no hatred or disgust in my heart about it, I am a successful board certified pharmacy technician and continuing my education to get my BS in pre- pharmacy as I type. I am beautiful and a little more confident than ever so if you talk to me face to face or over the phone I may seen extra cocky. But this is who I am and if you don't like it don't deal with me. But when I get to the top and sit on my self-made thrown(By the grace of GOD) you won't be able to speak anyway cause your are still at the bottom and I will be looking down on you. Then I will raise my head, And look for to continue to move forward.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

People That Give Advice!!!!!!!

So I come from a small town sort to speak and I've come to realize that the people you know always try to give you advice, eventhough sometimes you really venting and want them to shut up and listen but tend to advise you anyways. And the ones that advise you are the ones with the most fucked up crazy shit going on in their lives. And with that being said people like that need to be kept at a distance

Monday, May 17, 2010

I want The Truth.......

I've been in and out of relationships and I have let a man get up in my head cause I love him, Cause I will believe my man until he proves to me otherwise. But at the same time I am forth right with who I am and what I've been through! Why is it that in todays society it's ok for a man to lie and cheat whether he be single or married and this goes for them triflin females aswell, and people turn the other cheek and it's not really that big of a deal. Why all of the lies to try to keep someone it's apparent that you don't want to be with them, Why prolong the relationship, why prolong the drama in the situation. People know what they are going to do before they do it cause just about everything that people do is planned out, rarely are there people that act always on impulse!!!!!!! Text messeges, emails, chat rooms, these are things that people use to cheat and say they are pointless and mean nothing. but on the other hand when they are found they act like a deer in head lights lol..... I'm just saying these are things that are on my mind....... Is there any individuals that are out there that don't lie about little things or anything at all? If your out there plzzz let me know cause any day of the weak I'll take someone hurting my feelings telling me the truth than someone laughing with me and lying to my face.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Living within your means!!!!!!!!!

So I go outside and see so much poverty and wonder to myself how come some people just can't get it. If you are a female and get your hair and nails done but can barely keep gas in your car and want a man to pay for it, Why would you possibly think if you don't have yourself together why should a man contribute to your madness. Why would anyone think that it's ok to fix up their car grade A, but can barley pay they bills and don't have his own residence. And don't get me started on rented rims. Its rediculous in todays' society if you can't pay with cash then maybe it's not for yo a$$! Why do people wait til tax season to act like they ballin all up in these stores buying golds and clothes getting they swag up to no keep it up. Ex: A lady with 5 children lives next door to a friend of mine and one day driving to her house there were tv's outside on the ground with that being said I assumed that she got some flat screens. Also a ghetto bar-b-q took place INFRONT of the house(lol) She got into an altercation with her spouse and went over to my friends house to use the phone. Why in the hell you don't have no phone and yo ass got 5 kids, Once again I state rediculous, The response was I don't have no phone. Now this is what I do know a metro phone costs between 30 and 40 dollars a month, Boost mobile costs 50 dollars a month unlimited, But you got new flat screens makes no sense. People please live within your means or you will never get out of debt and you can only blame yourselves!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why would You Sag Your Pants!!!!

So I have talked to alot of different women and asked them whether or not they like when men sag their pants. I also talked to many different men about it and in the black community if they know the truth they just might not sag their pants. Women don't find it attractive cause it shows that they have no sense of taste outside of the hood environment. And When I talked to a man in his 40's that has been to jail, He instructed to me that in slavery days the salves that wore their pants sagging were the ones that were being sexually abused by other men. And in jail from those days until current it means that the men are trying to be of the opposite sex. And they like to be sexually assaulted by the same sex. Knowing this information if you still choose to sag that's what I think of you!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why do people feel the need to lie!!!!

I've lived 25 years of life and yes I have told a few lies but never nothing drastic. I've met many people and traveled to many countries, but rarely meet individuals that are down right honest. Like it's a negative characteristic to have in the world today! For instance I know a man that claims to be a dope boy and brags on how much money he has and that he's going to get his car painted every other week etc. But the bottom line is this fool is broke, He can barely take care of his 2 kids, He constantly running game( hitting licks...) messing people over to get ahead. And priorities are in the wrong place! that's all I'm saying man for real it's madness lol the things that go on in this world.