Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why would You Sag Your Pants!!!!

So I have talked to alot of different women and asked them whether or not they like when men sag their pants. I also talked to many different men about it and in the black community if they know the truth they just might not sag their pants. Women don't find it attractive cause it shows that they have no sense of taste outside of the hood environment. And When I talked to a man in his 40's that has been to jail, He instructed to me that in slavery days the salves that wore their pants sagging were the ones that were being sexually abused by other men. And in jail from those days until current it means that the men are trying to be of the opposite sex. And they like to be sexually assaulted by the same sex. Knowing this information if you still choose to sag that's what I think of you!!!!!

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