Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Done Is DONE, Start New.

Yeah like everyone else I have been through things felt hurt, recovered, and moved on. But now is the time to except responsibility for my actions and take care of my responsibilities. In this new chapter of my life I have done just that and I'm proud of myself, know myself, And I'm seeking self improvement. The past posts were a representation of what I use to be, situations I was dealing with, Or emotions from being in an ill mannered environment. However now this is who I am! I am a woman with a beautiful son that I am raising alone with no hatred or disgust in my heart about it, I am a successful board certified pharmacy technician and continuing my education to get my BS in pre- pharmacy as I type. I am beautiful and a little more confident than ever so if you talk to me face to face or over the phone I may seen extra cocky. But this is who I am and if you don't like it don't deal with me. But when I get to the top and sit on my self-made thrown(By the grace of GOD) you won't be able to speak anyway cause your are still at the bottom and I will be looking down on you. Then I will raise my head, And look for to continue to move forward.


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